Sunday, 7 February 2010

Shattered Hopes

For some years now it has been my desire to see interior design recognised by the public as a profession and as such subject to regulation. It is my belief that interior design, real interior design not cushion shuffling, is worthy of being ranked alongside architecture and chartered surveying. Today students are undertaking 3 - 5 year university courses in the subject and when they practice operate with the appropriate Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance and continuous professional development requirements in line with the two professions l have already mentioned. However, this week l have had to face up to the reality that there is no likelihood of this happening during my career and possibly lifetime. This month's Interior Design Today magazine features an article on the two newest bodies set up to represent interior designers: the SBID and IDA which along with the CSD and BIID now makes a total of four!

Many of my colleagues agree with me that these developments only serve to further confuse the public and dilute the industry's standing. Unless and until the SBID, IDA, CSD and BIID (and any other newcomers in the intervening period) get together and formulate a single body to represent all aspects of interior design the likelihood of the industry becoming recognised as a profession will remain improbable.