Sunday, 24 January 2010

Using a Designer

This week l have been talking to my colleague James Charles about the reasons clients make the decision to hire a designer. We came to the conclusion that clients usually have one of the following reasons for engaging a professional: they appreciate good design and want the input of a professional; they are time poor; they recognize that they do not have the ability to produce attractive and suitable solutions themselves; they want a designer to create spaces which express their life style.

The Client-Designer relationship is intended to be highly beneficial. Clients will achieve the best results if they allow their designers to do what they do best and let them use their expertise. Some find this difficult, after all in the instance of a residential interior a person's home is at stake and this can be highly emotive. If clients are able to maintain a 'hands off' approach they will contribute hugely to enabling the designer to achieve solutions which exceed their expectations.

Once the project is underway the 'hands off' approach for a client can become even more challenging. It might help to remember that paint is paint and fabric is fabric. Design evolves, and whilst the first stages might seem to be lacking cohesion all will fall into place by the final stage.

Try to enjoy the journey even though a design project is one time when the importance rests almost entirely on the destination.

IN: Clients who maintain a 'hands off' approach.

OUT: Clients who want to control the design decisions.